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Random Systems Georgia is a subsidiary of Random Systems International, which itself, is part of Random Group. Random Systems is the Selected Person by the Government of Georgia, which has implemented unique, high-tech electronic system. Utilising this system, the Selected Person monitors the compliance of products and services available through the gambling industry with the international good standards and existing regulations in Georgia. 

Our primary goal is monitoring of game organisers and providers, as well as control and supervision of the gaming industry in general.
Additionally, in the scope of our competencies, we provide advice and recommendations on international practices and best standards to respective governmental bodies and institutions – for their gradual implementation. This ultimately serves to create the conditions necessary for a fair game.

The monitoring and control process of gaming activities through the electronic control system is done without access to any personal data of the players.

Our mission is to make the gambling business in Georgia more transparent, make advanced control and monitoring tools available for the Government, which on its turn will enhance the trust of the players through the process and ensure fair game in the regulated environment. In turn, with a properly developed regulatory framework, the country can have additional opportunities for economic growth and an attractive environment for large-scale foreign investment.


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Random Systems Team on IMGL Conference

IMGL (International Masters of Gaming Law) spring conference is taking start today in Florida, USA. IMGL is an association comprising over 300 members globally. The members are leading experts in their jurisdictions and are at the heart of developments in gambling law and regulation worldwide. IMGL’s mission is education and each year the association hosts two major international conferences, which are the best opportunities for learning and networking in the industry. Random Systems Georgia is represented by Giorgi Tsamalaidze, CLO of the company. As a speaker at the conference, Giorgi will be speaking about the need to balance the goals of regulating with the reality of the gaming industry in 2024.